Michelle & Heart: A Taste for Romance

This story proves to me that there’s no such thing as a common marriage proposal! Michelle and Heart’s (gotta love that name!) proposal might seem rather expected—reservation in a nice restaurant etc. etc.—but true love never does run smooth.

Which is great, because where would the fun be? Here’s what Michelle told me. Enjoy!

The hotel concierge messed up and forgot to call a cab, and the restaurant only has one seating, so my fiance (then boyfriend) made me stand outside while he (politely) explained his situation to her.  She ended up having the maintenance man drive us in her brand new car.  As the guy dropped us off, we rushed to the door to find it locked—my fiance had gotten the time of the reservation wrong and the restaurant didn’t open for another half hour.

When they finally opened, I was sure that he was going to propose because he was acting so positive despite the fact that things had already gone so wrong—did I mention it was in the high 90s while we stood in the parking lot for that half hour?? After the second course, we went out on the patio and he made the sweetest toast over glasses of cold unfiltered sake (my favorite).  He said something to the effect of “four years ago to the day, you walked into my life… and despite myself, I’ve loved you for all four of them.” (The back story is we broke up for a year and tried to move on, the hardest year of my life, for sure.)

As I was drinking to the toast, he took that opportunity to get out the ring and get down on one knee.  He’d gotten my grandmother’s ring in secret (after asking her permission first and then my Pops) and asked if I’d do him the honor of marrying him.

I was so excited I forgot to answer,  just said “are you serious?” and started crying.  A couple near us finally said “I think that means yes” and I said “of course!!”  I then looked at the ring and said “oh my God—it’s so big”, to which my fiance turned to the couple near us and said “that’s what she said”.  I mean, no proposal is complete without a that’s-what-she-said joke, right?

We then realized he was still down on one knee, and he admitted that he didn’t know what to do next.  I told him to put the darn thing on my finger (which he did) and he stood up, we kissed, and cried, and the restaurant began to cheer.

The restaurant was in on it, so the kitchen staff were hiding a bit out of sight to watch and cheer once he popped the question.  They then brought out a bottle of champagne for us and made an announcement to everyone and had me parade around the restaurant to show off my new bling.

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur… I’m a freelance food photographer, and I photograph every meal I eat for a blog, so every picture that night ended up with my hand in the foreground and a plate of unbelievable food hidden behind it. :)

Michelle and Heart have chosen the Sake Manhattan theme for their Appy Couple app and website. It has a modern look, but with its burlap background also has a rustic vibe.

If you don’t believe the end of the story, here’s proof! I must say, the ring and the food look fabulous…

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  • I have known Michelle for more years than I can count. That story fits her perfectly, including the “that’s what she said” joke. I am so thrilled that you chose to write about them because they deserve all the happiness in the world.

  • We feel so fancy!

    And I’d be lying if I said the obnoxious ring in front of my food shots ended after that night… It continued for days after! :)

    We love our Appy Couple website, and our guests think the app is so cool. The app theme we chose fit perfectly with our already determined color scheme and theme, and it even had a heart in the design. Perfect for us!

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